Travel to Penang Malaysia Pulau Pinang

Travel to Penang “The island of betel nuts”, or Pulau Pinang is the best known tourist destination in Malaysia and plenty of people use flights to Penang every day to have a good time at Georgetown and the Batu Ferringhi Beach, there are also other beaches. Most of the people on Penang island are of Malay, Chinese and Indian origins which guarantees a real exotic environment.

People of different nationalities migrated to Pulau Pinang since British Colonial Times leading to a very interesting mix of culture. On the island are Myriads of hotels, from the cheap accommodations to the very luxury hotels and resorts at Georgetown and the beaches. Travel Penang is usually by flights, bus to Penang, train and ship, the ferry connects the island to mainland Malaysia and Langkawi to the north, the port is also quite significant.

At Georgetown and elsewhere on the island unique food with roots in India, Chinaand the neighboring countries Thailand and Indonesia is available and a Penang accommodation is virtually just around the corner. Numerous festivals are on during the whole year.

One of the most famous festival in Malaysia is Thaipusam which is very similar to the vegetarian festival in Phuket, this festival seems to be somehow a copy of  Malaysian Thaipusam and that one has its roots in India.

Kuala Lumpur is about four hour driving away and from the border at Sadao Thailand its about 2 hours driving. Many guys from the area do some tours to Sadao and Hat Yai to have some nightlife fun, actually Penang Phuket have a lot of similarities. The toll way starts a bit south of the Malaysian Thailand border and runs all the way down to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, means travel is easy.Georgetown Penang is linked to the mainland by the 13,5 km Penang Bridge, the third longest bridge in the world.

There is also a ferry which actually offer a much smoother ride. Plenty of flights to Penang come in every day on domestic and international routes, plus by a train (the railway station is at Butterworth, opposite the island), its about 6 hours travel out of Kuala Lumpur, a bus is available from most bigger cities in the Region such as Kuala Lumpur and Hat Yai.

Over the years the island has mutated into Malaysia’s main beach resort destination. Pulau Pinang or the ‘Pearl of the Orient” is probably the best known of all the tourist destination.

The size of  285 sqkm seems quite large but most of the island are steep hills that means the useable area is quite small have a look at the satellite map that tells more. For a quick overview have a look at our map If you want to relax in an exotic environment with plenty of beaches, a partially colonial flair and a old Chinatown at Georgetown, Pulau Pinang is probably the right place.

For the first impressive view after your arrival at the island take the elevator at the Komtar Tower and have a look around, this is the highest building on the island and a great view is available from the top floor.

Hotels are plenty and easily available all over the island in every price range. There are accommodations Pulau Pinang Komtar Tower view over the Harbor and GeorgetownPulau Pinang Komtar Tower view
at the beach sites and at Georgetown, discounted deals via internet on budget level, but not only. Certain luxury hotels offer also some price deals via online bookings. A good alternative is to rent a apartment, in particular at Georgetownplenty are available. The island is not only for tourists, honeymooners and backpacker, it is also actively promoted as a retirement destination this is much better organized than in Thailand.
Luxury Penang Hotel
E&O at Georgetown
Budget Penang Hotel
Cheap Hotel at Chinatown Georgetown

The island is also a business hub and destination since there are many manufacturing plants near the airport producing all kind of electronic goods for export.


Travel to Penang

via the spectacular bridge or the ferry. This and the Petronas Towers are the most impressive modern   

travel to Penang Bridge
Travel to Penang over the bridge, here are some more photo.
constructions in Malaysia. The bridge was built in 1982 using a cable-stayed  concrete girder similar to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.Flights to Pulau Pinang are available from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Phuket and various long haul international destinations in particular China and Taiwan.

Since the majority of inhabitants are Chinese  Actually the island is one of the few remaining places in the Chinese world where old architecture is preserved as Peranakan heritage, this is in contrast to China and in particular Shanghai where almost all old architecture falls pray to the demolition ball and what for ? Just to pull up some more skyscrapers without heritage and soul. Communists have no heritage and no soul.

Now the best way to enjoy some real old fashion environment enjoy Georgetown, the sooner the better..

The high-rise buildings on Pulau Pinang waterfront open up great panorama views over the Andaman Sea, the Penang bridge and other travel spots. Here are excellent vacation spots when you like to stay in Georgetown and do the short ride

to the beaches with the taxi if you like.

Just click to one of the internet booking services to choose your holiday accommodation according to your preference, hotels are plenty so you won’t have a problem to find the right for you.  Since almost every area has a good infrastructure and everything around works quite well (except taxis) good service and the easy access to communication makes a stay a pleasant one.

Penang nightlife is on until 3 am but its not to the extend as in neighboring Thailand, especially Phuket nightlife. A vibrant night at Georgetown and other places such as Batu Ferringhi is the right stuff to relax after a afternoon on the beach. There are clubs and discos, karaoke lounges and hidden parlors with mainly pretty Chinese girls .